The Essential Guide to Eyelash Serum You'll Ever Need!

Since Egyptian times, people have been using makeup to enhance their eyelashes. As society places enormous value on beautiful eyes, many cosmetic brands have improved your eyelash beauty.

What is an Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serum is, according to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, "a cream or ointment intended to grow eyelashes." It's not an FDA approved drug, so it doesn't go through rigorous testing.

However, that doesn't stop manufacturers from claiming their product will stimulate lash growth. Some serums claim to use active ingredients, while others claim that their brand is the only one that has discovered a new active ingredient.

How Do Eyelash Serums Work?

Most lash serums contain biotin, an essential nutrient found in carrots, cauliflower, nuts, and eggs. Biotin is not a drug, so there's no official dosage that will work for everyone.

It can also interfere with specific medical treatments, including chemotherapy drugs, sedatives, or medications to treat seizures. The FDA recommends checking with your doctor before you start taking biotin supplements.

Is it Safe to Use Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serums are only safe to use on your top lashes, so don't apply them anywhere near your lower lid or brow bone. Furthermore, it is best to avoid getting the product on the skin around your eyelashes and keep it away from your eyes. You should discontinue the use of your serum if you experience any irritation.

Serums are designed to be used every night before bed. While most lash serums claim they can work overnight, some experts insist you'll need six weeks of daily use before seeing results.

How to Use Eyelash Serum?

Eyelash serum is made to grow and strengthen eyelashes, growing longer and fuller. It should also be applied on the upper lash line and under the bottom lash line. The product will drip down your face if you use it only on your upper lashes, which is not suitable for the skin around your eyes.

Many people complain that their eyelashes fall out after using the serum. That is because they put it on too often or too close to the eye area, irritating them and making lashes thin and weak.

When you use an eyelash serum for the first time, apply it every other day until your lashes stop falling out. Eyelash serums are made to grow longer and fuller eyelashes. It only means that you cannot expect them to grow overnight.

Also, do not use different products together, such as mascara and serum. It may irritate the eyes and make lashes weak. Make sure you read all instructions carefully before applying an eyelash serum, so your lashes will be healthy and beautiful.


Eyelashes are an essential part of our body. Not only does it protect our eyes, but it also enhances our beauty. For this, you can use eyelash serums that are meant to improve your eyelash growth.

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