Common Factors Resulting in Thinning of Eyelashes

You must have wondered how the models and actresses manage to maintain such full and fluttery eyelashes. While some apply extensions to make their lashes appear plump, others curl their lashes before applying mascara and make them look fuller. 

You can try these methods to improve the volume of your eyelashes. Applying a high-quality eyelash growth serum can also come in handy. In fact, you must consider applying a serum if your lashes have started to thin out. 

Thinning of eyelashes can occur due to an underlying medical issue. There are also certain habits such as rubbing eyes that can lead to unusually thin eyelashes. In such a case, you need to get rid of that habit to make the lashes naturally full. The section below talks about some of the most common causes of the problem. 

Bad Habits and Wrong Beauty Routine 

Eyelash loss often occurs when our beauty routine is flawed. Bad habits such as sleeping with your eye makeup on, specifically the heavy layers of mascara, can lead to falling out of eyelashes. If you don’t stop the practice, you may also have bacterial infections that can be harmful both for your eyes and skin.

Additionally, your lashes may also fall if you rub your eyes too hard to remove eye makeup. The effects of this bad habit are even worse if you use waterproof products. To ensure that your eyelashes don’t suffer due to flawed makeup removal techniques, you must use a gentle eye-makeup removing solution. Use the solution to get rid of your eye makeup without harsh scrubbing. 

Using Wrong Methods 

Indeed, you can make your lashes look significantly plumper by curling them. However, when done regularly, this can irritate the lashes and lead to loss. Curling lashes for a prolonged period is also not good for their health. 

If you want to curl up your eyelashes, make sure that you are not using the curler for more than 20 seconds. If you use the method frequently, keep the time below 15 seconds. 

Make sure that the mascara you are applying after curling your lashes is fresh. Replace your mascara with a new bottle once every six months. This is essential for preventing bacterial infections. 

Underlying Health Issues 

You may experience thinning of lashes despite having a flawless beauty routine and using the safest products and methods. Certain health conditions can result in lash shedding. 

You may experience the problem if you have an underactive or overactive thyroid gland. Individuals suffering from alopecia areata often have extremely thin lashes. For your information, alopecia areata is a condition in which our cells attack our hair follicles resulting in severe hair fall. So, if you feel that your lashes are falling out, visit a doctor to ensure that the problem has no medical causes. 

Final Words 

To stop thinning of eyelashes, you should make some beauty and lifestyle changes. Other than removing your makeup carefully and using the best makeup products and techniques, you must also eat right. Adding soybeans, cashews, almonds, salmon, etc. to your diet can help you in having healthier and fuller lashes.