Lovrish Lashes

 I truly believe a good volume of eyelashes are essential for that extra wow factor and they can enhance the eyes dramatically.  I don’t think there is any mascara on the market that can really compare to the eye opening effect of a pair of false eyelashes ! 

Lovrish lashes most Natural looking, high quality, Reusable Eye Lash, waterproof, Vegan, 100% man made, Non-Magnetic eyelash extensions for your Beauty and Eye make up; Most fashionable double color style false eyelash, good for younger adults under age of 40.  Also Suitable for party or professional application like wedding event, photo shoot, night out, daily d-anytime

Here is Frequently Asked Questions by our customers..

How to put false eyelashes?

Applying false eyelashes is super fast and simple process once you get use to doing it.  As with all things, it just takes a little time and practice.  We have detained instructions under our products.

Do false eyelashes hurt my natural eyelash?

False eyelashes will not harm your existing lashes.  The lashes are typically glued above your existing lashes, but the glue is light in nature and easily removed with makeup or glue remover. Highly recommended to use eyelash serum to keep your natural eyelash continue to grow and keep healthy and stronger!

What are they made of?

Our lashes are made of sterilized human hair or premium cruelty-free synthetic hair.

How many times can I reuse a pair of false eyelashes?

I would say on average, a pair of false eyelashes can be reused again (meaning reapplied another time) anywhere between 30-40 times.  I try to get even more wear age out of them, especially if they are well kept and are good quality.

LÕVRISH lashes 

  • FEELING GOOD: LÕVRISH lashes get a softer, comfortable, and more natural lash look with our lashes and it is Super easy application. It really can boost your confidence and make you feel good by Elevating just a touch of volume and length that flows naturally into your real lashes.
  • HIGH QUALITY: Most comfort, highest quality, made for all day were, our clear ultra-thin lashes and is specially designed to bond with your eye liner. 100% man-made.
  • ALL EYE TYPES: Lovrish lashes applies to all Eye Shapes: Monoid, Deep Set and Almond Eyes Whatever Your eye Shapes, lashes apply straight to your eyelid rather than to the lashes for no natural lash damage, those looking for that instant full glam glow up moment.
  • YOUR SATISFACTION: If you are not satisfied with our Magnetic Eyeliner and Lashes Kit, we will offer unconditional refund or replacement. If you have any question, please feel free to leave a message to us.

Application Instructions

  • Line :  Apply layer of liner on lash line.

  • Lash : press lash on lash line.

  • LET IT GO: You are ready to have a show!

Proper Removal and Care

  1. Moisten a Q-tip with makeup remover and apply on lash line.
  2. Hold the makeup remover over the band of the lashes for a few seconds to loosen the liner until the Lashes have separated from your eyelids.
  3. Place the Lashes back into their original case and take good care of it.